Some videos just grab your attention. This is one of them!

Overlook Horizon High Altitude Weather Balloons located in New York takes their ballooning seriously and when an airliner gets too close for comfort….well, they make sure they put the video footage on Youtube for all to see!

This particular case the weather balloon was just over 37,000 feet in altitude when a Delta airliner (according to the video) decided a close pass might be fun…or more likely the pilots never saw it.

70 minutes into our 3.5 hour high altitude balloon (weather balloon) flight, OLHZN-5, we inadvertently experienced an extremely close flyby over Newark, NY (**not New Jersey**) from an Airbus A319 operated by Delta Air Lines (Flight #159) which was en-route from Boston, MA to Detroit, MI and flying just over our payload at 38,000 FT.

This is the footage captured from the onboard camera of the event. All of our flights follow FAA Federal Aviation Regulation requirements outlined in FAR Section 101 and additionally have NOTAMs filed with the FAA and coordination is performed with the local ARTCCs and airports to ensure safe operations.” – Overlook Horizon

The balloon taking the video ended up going to an altitude of over 102,000 feet!

Featured image of the view from over 98,000 feet above the Earth by Overlook Horizon High Altitude Weather Balloons