What’s the big deal? Didn’t we just bomb them and killed 80 government troops?

The “big deal” is that this was an aid convoy being run by 2 NGOs that would have fed 78,000 people. The Red Crescent/Cross is a non-combatant international humanitarian organization, not an army.

The UN is also a non-combatant who had a clearly marked the area for humanitarian aid on radar, which is where the convoy was located. It’s more realistic that there was a friendly fire incident against the SAA than someone accidentally bombing a UN facility.

Director of Syria’s Red Crescent and everyone in the aid convoy has been suspected to have been killed. As a result, Assad also declared the end to the cease-fire.


Here’s something interesting: Footage of jets and helicopters circling the convoy and bombing it. The Russian and Syrian air forces are the only ones fielding helicopters in Aleppo, and Russia’s the only one of the two with notable night bombing capabilities.

Russia is now allowed to kill UN personnel? What?

As long as they have that P5 veto, they can do whatever they want, provided NATO doesn’t stop them. Which, with Obama ,fixated on writing a “peacekeeper” chapter in his autobiography, won’t happen.

Did they suspect the convoy secretly aiding their enemies or what?

Russia’s never needed reasons to hurt innocent people. They just do.

Russian MoD drone video of UN aid convoy in Aleppo which was accompanied by rebel’s off-road vehicle with a large-caliber mortar launcher https://twitter.com/miladvisor/status/778287381006970880

Rebels caging civilians and placing them on roofs so they could get killed by airstrikes.


There was also a video recently posted of civilians fleeing rebel-held part of Aleppo while being shot at.

Aid Convoy Is Hit in Syria as Cease-Fire Falters and Bombings Resume

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There have also been plenty of reports of rebels refusing to allow civilians to leave besieged areas. Nothing new. Stuff like this increases civilian casualties.

As messed up as the Syrian government might be, the FSA is certainly not a better alternative. The SDF seems good. The FSA? No. Even if the SAA is going to get wiped out, nothing will happen. It will just result in further destabilization and a new king of the hill game among all other factions. Hell, there’s even infighting within the FSA.

The rebels should try to come to a diplomatic solution instead of all of the useless fighting, which won’t bring them anywhere, especially considering the odds against them.

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