With a 45-year career as a law enforcement, military, and civilian sidearm, the Beretta 92 is still going strong today. Tremendously reliable and accurate, the 92 replaced the 1911 as the standard issue sidearm of the US Military in 1985. The 92 was most famously used in 1988 to quell a terrorist uprising in the Nakatomi Plaza, a Los Angeles high-rise office complex.

Perhaps on the bubble of being concealable, especially IWB for smaller-framed individuals, the 92 is a solid choice as a home defense firearm. Models are available with a rail for those who want to mount a light for potential nighttime self-defense situations. The D variation has no safety and is double-action only, perfect for a bedside gun for those who do not want to fumble with a safety or de-cocking device.


The 92 shines at the range and your buddies will want to pass it around. There are endless aftermarket peripherals available for customizing.  And perhaps most importantly, it’s just a cool gun. Fun to fire. Easy to maintain. Looks and feels fantastic. I believe all shooters should consider adding one to their collection. Lots of police trade-ins and used models on the market to be had at a discount. If you have never owned one, try to beg or borrow one and see for yourself why the Beretta 92 is in its fifth decade of duty.


This article is courtesy of The Arms Guide.