The Chinese Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter made its public debut for the first time on Tuesday during the Airshow China.

It’s finally here—and flying in front of the public for all to see: the much-anticipated Chinese J-20 stealth fighter. Two J-20’s performed a flyby at the Airshow China on Tuesday in front of an eager and surprised crowd. China’s attempt at making a stealth aircraft and matching the USAF’s F-22 Raptor made a quantum leap with the J-20’s first public performance and the flyby opened the eyes of many Western analysts.

“This shows they now have confidence to put it out in public,” said a western industry official who has monitored the biennial show from its inception 20 years ago.

“This is the airplane for China in the way that the J-31 is not; this is the one they develop[ed] for themselves,” he added.

Two J-20’s flew down the runway at several hundred feet and then performed a vertical split. One aircraft then departed, while the other performed a few high G turns followed by a high-speed climb out. The large jet appeared to be fairly agile during its high G turns (although the maneuvers were very basic). However, the 60 second performance concluded with more questions than answers.