Damned ugly, is your reward for poorly maintaining a relaxed security posture. A result of overconfidence, poor leadership, and terrible discipline. After all, just because it is quiet now and has been quiet, doesn’t mean that it is going to stay like that forever. It doesn’t take a detective or an operator to put eyes on a position and know that, no f*cks given are within a position, or to simply observe undisciplined troops, which are ripe for an ambush or to be overrun.

This video demonstrates the results of the complacent, “nothing is or has been happening here” attitude. A negligent posture that often can afflict inexperienced and undisciplined forces. This plague can further and decisively metamorphize in the favor of the enemy under bad leadership.

Saudi regulars took this lesson to the grave, at the hands of in comparison; ill-equipped, undertrained, and unorganized Houthi tribesmen. Hopefully, the overconfident and truly untested can learn from their mistakes. This kind of fuck-up has happened to Western forces, as well as Americans. Let’s try not to repeat history because you’re being lazy or gambling with the lives of those around you for your own stupid dreams of being Rambo.




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