I just recently received the DART knife in the mail. After watching Doug Marcaida’s videos and doing my own research I decided to pull the trigger and make the purchase. What sold me on the design is the karambit ‘ring’ feature with reverse grip deployment. I’ve carried an Emerson Super Karambit and always loved the quick deployment in a reverse grip. The only downfall to carrying that blade everyday was due to the curved blade design of the karambit. That design does not lend itself well to daily utility tasks. Because of that I went back to carrying my Emerson CQC-7. Again this is a great knife, but I missed the quick deployment with a reverse grip. The DART knife (Designed by a Kali edged weapons expert) solves both issues I ran into. Now I have a karambit style knife with a standard tanto profile blade for daily utility tasks that can be quickly deployed in the reverse grip. Win!

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.