These CGI-enhanced videos are great, far from intimidating, and dare I say…cute. These media friendly, edited, and enhanced propaganda clips are typically meant for the citizens of the nation, and not the world. A topic we previously discussed in the hype following a similar Chinese video earlier this year. Nonetheless, they allow us to get an idea of what perceptions and fears the producers have, and provides a few moments of entertainment.

“An official North Korean website has released a new propaganda video portraying a multiple rocket attack on South Korea’s presidential Blue House and other government buildings in Seoul.

It was uploaded on Monday to the DPRK Today website, which had released another video 10 days earlier depicting a nuclear attack on Washington.

The new 88-second video – entitled “If the ultimatum goes unanswered” – shows rockets fired from mobile launchers in the North destroying the buildings in a ball of fire.

It ends with the warning: “Everything will turn into ashes”.

Tensions have been rising on the Korean peninsula ever since the North conducted its fourth nuclear test on 6 January.”

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