In June, Norway donated M109A3GN 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine to be operated by the 72nd Mechanized Brigade. The initial convoy used MAZ-537 trucks to deliver the howitzers to Kyiv. Now, we are seeing more of these in action. 

The M109A3GN is the latest version of the M109 howitzer, and it’s the current service tank of the Norweigian Army’s Artilleribataljonen. 126 M109Gs were acquired from West Germany between 1969 to 1971, and the new version is a configuration from that original design. There were still 56 M109A3GN in the Army’s inventory in 2006, so more than 70 were terminated by the end of the Cold War. Then in 2007, the Norweigian army upgraded the M109A3GN again, which now features a new dashboard and software for intercom, positioning systems, and intercom. By 2020, 14 units were tagged “A3GNM” while the other had the “A3GN” specs (currently placed in storage).