With the current COVID-19 situation that we’re in right now, going to an enclosed area and being in contact with surfaces that are often touched by tons of people poses risks in contacting the disease, like in the gym. You could also contract germs and bacteria from sweaty gym equipment. We’re not going to discuss those, as we’re here to have a look at some of the weirdest gym diseases that you could get from the gym, and they’re 100% real! Have you heard of ILS? How about gruntitis?


Invisible Lat Sydrome (ILS)

Do you know Johnny Bravo? People suffering from ILS walk like him. It’s the awkward stance that men do to make their chests look bigger. Their arms are lifted away as if braces were holding them up, imagining they have huge lat muscles. The great news is that it’s there is a cure for the disease: back exercises like chin-ups, pull-downs, and single-arm lat pull-downs to actually strengthen their backs, and the huge lats won’t be just imaginary anymore. Time to put those chest and back muscles to work!

Johnny Bravo. Ian Becker/Pinterest



No, you’re not in Sparta, but the guy lifting the barbells beside you is making you feel like you are? Yep, a tell-tale sign of gruntitis. It’s gym-talk for, “Look at me lift this heavy thing.”It could be distracting to other members but fret not because technology has its solution to the disease: earphones. Volume up, and the grunts should worry you not.

Man lifting a heavy barbell.



This type of disease could be hard to diagnose at first. Is this person being friendly, or is he trying to flirt with me? Symptoms include randomly approaching people and asking about their workout routines, supplements, and diets, only to whip out a brochure of products that he is selling. Always look out!