U.S. Air Force pilots discuss precision Air Coalition capability and recent strikes against Daesh to diminish enemy resources. The 20 nation air component, part of a 66 country Operation Inherent Resolve coalition, demonstrated its precision, capability ,and commitment to denying the enemy safe haven while degrading Daesh‘s ability to construct their tools of terror.

On July 4th, the air coalition employed a strike package, consisting of B-52s, F-16s, F-22s, A-10s, and F-18s, against an IED factory in Mosul, signaling resolve, and a commitment, to degrading Daesh’s ability to engage in terror attacks. US Air Force fighter pilots, at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia, spoke about the precision capabilities the air coalition is employing, and the strategic targets, that are diminishing enemy resources.



– And when you talk about something as, technologically complex as an air war, and what, a combined arms battles is, which is really what Operation Inherent Resolve, or any of the other named operations were doing here, you just can’t help but think, “Man, we are creating minor miracles here every day”. We’re able to strike targets within a feet, and we’re able to know in advance that what we are striking is a hostile target, because we’ve got a whole array of assets that let us establish patterns of enemy activity, as well as assure that they’re gonna be away from innocent civilians, who unfortunately find themselves living in the midst of Daesh.

– There’s an incredible amount of precision that has to go into every single mission. It starts with the intelligence, the surveillance, the reconnaissance, once you look at a target set, you’re not just looking to see if it is, in fact, a valid military target, but you’re also making sure that the pattern of life there does not include civilians. Once that’s completely vetted, then we bring it to the table as a valid target, we start the mission planning process, that includes, how are we gonna get at that target, and then, at any point in time, if something were to change on the ground, how do we prevent civilian casualties.

It’s an incredible opportunity to work in, and part of, the 20-nation coalition. The teamwork that goes into every single mission, the precision that comes out of every single mission, and the effects that we’re achieving are not possible with one single nation or one single person.

–  The 20-nation air component, part of a 66-country Operation Inherent Resolve coalition, demonstrated its precision, capability, and commitment, to deny this enemy safe haven, while degrading Daesh’s ability, to construct their tools of terror.