One of the best pieces of advice on the subject of road rage is to just keep driving, especially if you have your family in the car. Regardless of the situation, if my family is with me my priority becomes getting off the X. This is one of the reasons that I leave 1 car length of distance between my vehicle and the vehicle in front when I’m stopped on the road. That distance gives me a ‘reactionary gap’ to get away from the situation. But what if you are unable to drive away and you’re pinned in? Take a look at what former Army Special Operations Veteran John “Shrek” McPhee has to say about that.

Road Rage, this is how John “Shrek” McPhee would handle it. In this episode John is joined by Nate Murr from KDG, at what point does a road rage indecent turns potentially deadly?

*Photo courtesy of Fox News

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