Lockheed Martin’s has released a new video of the Sikorsky S-97 Raider Prototype Helicopter in flight. 220 knots! Nice! Enjoy the video!

Watch the S-97 Helicopter in Action!

The company has hopes of selling the S-97 to the US Army, special operations commands, the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps for a variety of missions.

RAIDER is a next-generation light tactical prototype helicopter capable of carrying six troops and external weapons that will redefine helicopter flight during the 21st century.

Based on Sikorsky’s Collier Award-winning X2 Technology™, RAIDER can reach speeds of more than 220 knots, nearly double the speed of a conventional helicopter. Designed for “high and hot” operations, the helicopter is capable of flying at 10,000 feet in 95°F heat.

The X2 Technology at the heart of the RAIDER helicopter is scalable to a variety of military missions including light assault, light attack, armed reconnaissance, close-air support, combat search and rescue, and unmanned applications. – Lockheed Martin