An Army Ranger, shot twice – another wound, passed through his body, leaving a lung on the verge of collapse. Two of his teammates received lesser injuries. Ranger Campbell’s team had rendezvoused with an Afghan Special Operations unit in eastern Afghanistan’s Paktika province. The combined forces then moved on to the objective of a high-value target, where they ambushed with small arms and RPG fire.

The story of Ranger Campbell and his fellow Rangers is astounding. As is the story of the Medics who saved his life, which began with treating Campbell on the scene, and throughout a difficult exfil. The Flight Medics aboard the MH-47 Chinook who continued to provide life-saving trauma care; applying the medical care and precision above and beyond any other nation’s military. The creativity, efforts, and skill of the Medic is often overlooked in the public and press but is never forgotten by those who have served.

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