Life seemed to be going well for Darron Smith. In 2014, Smith was well into his second year as an  assistant professor at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, which had recruited him to a tenure track position.

“I was recruited here and thought this was going to be a great place for me to be. I was coming home to my own state,” said Smith.

Smith and fiancée Tasha Sabino were discussing marriage.

“We think we’re moving toward growing our family and this comes and hits us,” Sabino said.

It was a federal indictment charging Smith with four counts of theft and one of wire fraud. Turns out Smith, who had dedicated 17 years in the National Guard and Army Reserve, was charged by the very government he served.

“I was stunned, I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned,” Smith said.

80 soldiers were convicted or pleaded guilty. But many others like Smith were indicted, only to be acquitted or have the charges dropped.