In the heart of Connecticut, WaveAerospace has thrown the gauntlet down with their latest sky beast, the Huntress Turbojet.

This unmanned marvel, a concoction of five years of sweat and gears, is poised to tear through the skies at speeds that’d make a peregrine falcon envious.

With its debut flight tests slated for the summer sun, this bird is expected to spread its wings for customers by early 2025.

Let’s take a cruise through what this high-flyer’s got under its hood.

High-Octane Hybrid Power

Strap in – the Huntress Turbojet is no ordinary drone.

It’s packing a hybrid-electric punch that marries a turbojet engine with four electric propfans, clocking in at over 500 mph, flirting with Mach 0.7 (467 knots).

This multi-role sky warrior can stay aloft for a solid two hours, making it a versatile pick for any high-flying mission you can dream up.