On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces reported that the German military had experienced a more critical shortage of weapons and supplies than before Russia’s incursion into Ukraine in the past year.

Eva Hoegl, an advocate for the rights of those in the Bundeswehr, spoke to reporters in Berlin and stated that the military has too little of all necessities and even less since the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022.

She expressed her disapproval of the government’s sluggishness in utilizing the 100 billion euro reserve established last year to improve the forces’ condition and its failure to replenish the military’s resources after hurrying to give arms to Kyiv.

The troops in Ukraine are immensely grateful for the aid they are receiving; however, their stocks are being severely depleted when heavy artillery, multiple rocket launchers, and Leopard tanks are passed to Kyiv, according to Hoegl. 

“Our troops welcome the support for Ukraine although it tears big holes (into their stocks) when howitzers, multiple rocket launchers, or Leopard tanks are handed over to Kyiv,” Hoegl said. “It must be clear that the moment (a howitzer) is handed over to Ukraine, the process of ordering a replacement must be launched,” she said.

Hoegl implored authorities to expedite the advancement of military housing, which she stated was in an abominable condition throughout the nation, pointing out the lack of functioning toilets, clean showers, and wireless internet.

The total number of euros required to renovate the infrastructure was estimated to be 50 billion.

Commissioner Criticizes Slowness of German Military Reform

Hoegl emphasizes the country’s failure to strengthen the Bundeswehr at the pace the war needs it to.