When the first world war broke in 1914, news spread all over the world, alliances were formed, and the world witnessed as brave men and women emerged, ready to defend their nations and beliefs. And although it was a war of trenches, rifles, and machine guns— a modern conflict at that time— the crusader knights of Georgia did not waste time when the news reached them: they armored up, carried their shields and broad swords, and rode to the governor’s palace. “Where’s the war?”

Khevsur warriors wearing their traditional armor. Barry (captain). F. 27. Chewsours. Scientific mission of Mr. Ernest Chantre. 1881. (Barry (18..-19.. ; capitaine), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Khevsurs

The origin of Khevsurs was quite vague, as there was not much historical documentation written about it. However, according to legends told by the Khevsurs, their ancestor Gudaneli fled from his feudal overlord in Kakheti, a lowland province southeast of Khevsureti. When he ran away, he took refuge among the Pshavs, where he decided to settle and have his family. He and his wife had three children: Araba, Gogona, and Ch’inch’ara. They cleared a new land where they could settle, which would later be the territory of Khevsur.

Khevsurs at the post. (Gigo Gabashvili, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Another version claims that they were the descendants of Crusaders who left France 800 years ago and got detached from their unit, so they marched their own way through Turkey and Armenia until they settled in the Greater Caucasus mountains in Georgia. Although there was proof on the speculation, some historians did not fully support this theory. As written by Frontier Artisans:

Though the legend is not widely supported by some historians it is curious that Khevsur chain armor is in the French style and the letters A.M.D. – Ave Mater Dei, the motto of the Crusaders – is carved on their shields, and Crusader crosses adorn the handles of their broadswords and are embroidered on their garments.