1. Professional Commitment:

  • Tenacious: Smith has consistently been associated with high-profile, high-stakes cases against politicians, both domestically and internationally. His tenure at the Justice Department, especially in the public integrity unit, showcases his dogged pursuit of justice.
  • Adherent to the Rule of Law: Smith holds a strong belief in the rule of law, emphasizing its foundational importance to the Department of Justice and the nation as a whole.

Trump in a courtroom

2. Discreet & Reserved:

  • Low Profile: Despite the significance of his role, Smith has largely remained elusive, avoiding media attention and maintaining a private demeanor.
  • Unflappable: His ability to stay unfazed by public perception, criticism, or pressure is evident from his tenure. This attribute also manifests in his decision-making approach, where he remains focused on the facts and law rather than public sentiment.

3. Strong Work Ethic:

  • Driven: Colleagues describe him as more intense and focused than most peers. His concise and effective courtroom style is notable, with junior prosecutors often advised to learn from his methodology.
  • Decisive: Known for a no-nonsense approach to management, Smith believes in gathering information quickly to make charging decisions, indicating a predilection for efficiency and swift action.

4. Personal Resilience & Dedication:

  • Physical Determination: Smith’s commitment to triathlons, even in the face of significant physical injuries, underscores a high level of personal determination and resilience.
  • Adaptable: Despite setbacks in his career, such as being passed over for a permanent U.S. attorney position, Smith consistently adapted, seeking new challenges and responsibilities.

5. Ethical Foundation:

  • Impartial: Despite criticisms and accusations of political bias, Smith’s track record indicates he has investigated individuals across the political spectrum. His commitment to a fair investigation remains unwavering.
  • Defender of his Team: Smith stands up for his team members when they face accusations or criticism, showcasing his loyalty and trust in his colleagues.

6. Legacy & Reputation: