The Wild Hedgehog Tactical EDC Pocket Trauma Kit is our latest first aid and safety product we have had a chance to review here at the site. The pint sized kit is produced by Wild Hedgehog Tactical, a company whose other products we have been fortunate enough to test before. Readers may remember the Wild Hedgehog Get Home Alive Kit that we reviewed last summer, or the Personal Trauma Kit, that was reviewed. These kits are excellent but what if you wanted something more discrete or portable? that’s where the EDC Pocket Trauma Kit comes in.


Some people might feel that medical kits and preparedness have been gone over so many times that nothing new can come out, that’s just flat incorrect. The EDC Pocket Trauma kit isn’t trying to replace a fully stocked Emergency Medical Technician kit, it isn’t trying to be a Combat Medic M5 bag. The EDC is a simple and well stocked kit that allows a user the ability to act as a defacto first responder when an emergency happens.

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