Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently unveiled its latest artificial-intelligence surveillance (AI) “corps” in an unsettling military-like event that underscored the firm’s strong ties to China’s security establishment.

A National Review report indicated Tuesday that Huawei established a new internal business unit to create surveillance equipment powered by AI. The new division will be responsible for optimizing the troubled Chinese firm’s undertakings to dominate the global market for its innovative and pioneering AI surveillance systems that can be implemented by cities all over the world.

The event also demolishes Huawei’s international affairs and corporate lobbying to dispel the plausible theory that the brand has achieved optimum bonds with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

2F, Tongling Plaza, Taoyuan City, Huawei Experience Store, 2019. (Foxy1219CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Huawei’s sales decreased in 2021 due to international prohibitions, but its profit soared as it diversified into other industry sectors. The National Review also tackled that restructuring Huawei into numerous “corps” that are each focused on a different yet emerging industry is one of the efforts being made to alter the corporation in light of the Western injunctions.