Pistol caliber carbines aren’t dead, in fact they have been making a strong pushback for the last few years. In the past if someone wanted a pistol caliber AR-15 they were mostly limited to Colt models that used old stick magazines or converted STEN magazines. These guns have frustrated users for years and had a reputation for being jam-o-matics. Many of my friends and I use to complain and wonder when someone was going to make a pistol caliber AR-15 that used normal pistol magazines like from a Glock or Beretta. It seemed like a simple task that we feared would never be completed in our lifetimes. Well the answer to those complaints and our waiting has finally been manufactured and by a great company in the form of the Wilson Combat AR9 carbine.

The name Wilson Combat has long been associated with some of the very best guns and gunsmiths in the industry, even if people don’t like their prices no one can argue that the guns aren’t well built. Wilson Combat has stepped their game up this time and have begun shipping their newest creation to eagerly awaiting customers. The images we have seen of the AR9 have been impressive to say the least and are sure to generate quite the buzz in the gun industry. While I’m no weapons designer, I will say that I’m baffled at why it has taken this long for someone to invest the time and money into finally making a good AR15 patterned pistol caliber carbine. Lets dive into the Wilson Combat AR9 and see what the engineers at Wilson have come up with.




Manufacturer: Wilson Combat

Place of Origin: Berryville, Arkansas

Model: AR9