The Women’s Cirrus Pant by 5.11 Tactical claims a “a flattering fit and great flexibility for everyday wear”. But women’s pants can be tricky. Can 5.11 pull off the delicate balance of fit & function?

Sometimes, my husband Erik thinks I’m crazy. I think it’s normal. For him to think I’m crazy, I mean. Just for the record, I’m not. But, all women are crazy according to the Crazy vs. Hot  MatrixA Man’s Guide to Women. But this time, I wasn’t trying to be crazy. Or obscure. Or intentionally vague. I was simply answering his question…

“What size pants do you wear?” He was ordering me a pair of Women’s Cirrus Pants from 5.11 Tactical. My answer: either an 8, a 10 or a 12. No response…Just that look: you are crazy.

Ever heard of vanity sizing? It is a reality that exists, especially in women’s clothing. It is the practice by retailers, typically more expensive brands, to deliberately size their clothing smaller than standard to flatter the purchaser.  On the other end of the spectrum, those manufacturers who cater to juniors, young misses, and other itty-bitty petite women. Average-sized women, beware, you’ll have a hard time wiggling into your normal size. Women come in all shapes & sizes, and pants should too.  How will 5.11 Tactical’s Cirrus Pant fare?