Three veterans recently celebrated their century of life, living a full, healthy life after serving the nation during World War II. Check out their stories below!

His Secret “Beans and Cornbread”

WWII veteran Garrett Mathes marks his 100th Birthday, and he celebrated it with five generations of his family on Sunday, September 4.

Garrett Mathes
(Screenshot from KKCO 11 News)

The Grand Junction veteran celebrated his century of life, giving credit to all the simple things he had throughout the years. In a news report, Garrett shared that he “lived a century filled with unforgettable experiences,” from living through the dirty thirties in Oklahoma to serving in the Army during World War II.

Born in September 1922 in Oklahoma, Garrett and his father traveled west during the Great Depression, searching for employment when they “stumble upon a sign to pick peaches.” When the war broke out, Garrett was in Colorado, where he would enlist and serve as an aircraft instructor and mechanic in the Army Air Corps.