They say that rain is a blessing. Showering the Earth and making the grasses look a bit greener— but what if it is an ooey-gooey, deadly, yellow rain?

The Deadly Drizzle

It was one bright and sunny day in 1981 when the Vietnamese and Laotian people noticed a sticky yellow liquid occasionally pouring down on them from the skies. According to witnesses, the strange yellow rain killed plants and gave people headaches, seizures, even blindness. The Vietnam war just ended a few years back, so the people are still untrusting.

The Hmong people, who fought alongside France against the Southeast Asian communists, were greatly affected. It was reported that the frequency of the “chemical attacks” increased in 1978-1979, reaching 260 incidents. Claims said that these attacks followed a pattern: usually, a slow-flying plane would drop bombs that explode slightly above tree level on sunny afternoons. They would then disperse colored smoke or oily liquid. Some say they were red, green, white, pink, yellow, and blue. Are they being bombarded with different toxic chemicals?

According to the then-United States Secretary of State Alexander Haig, the answer was yes.