The holidays can be stressful as you try to complete Christmas shopping for friends and family in-between work hours.  That’s why NEWSREP put together a quick gift guide which should prove applicable for the man in your life, the veteran, the outdoorsman, or really anyone else who enjoys reading, travel, adventure, and even a few more mundane hobbies from home.

As usual, we have plenty of books to recommend this year.  First up is JT Patten’s new Task Force Orange novel, “Buried in Black.”  NEWSREP Editor-in-Chief Jack Murphy recently interviewed the author for SOFREP Radio and wrote the following review of the book:

Buried in Black is a military and espionage thriller that will knock the socks off even the most jaded fans of this genre.  JT Patten writes about the blurred lines in modern counter-terrorism operations from gray areas to black areas.  I really feel that many books in this genre get lazy and rely on tropes and flag waving, but Buried in Black is the book about what comes after all of that.  Where does the hero go after those tropes wear thin, after they’ve seen behind the curtain one too many times?  I highly recommend this novel to anyone interested in covert operations as well as those wondering how the United States can improve its security posture.

Another author recently interviewed on SOFREP Radio was retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, the author of the Deadly Skills Puzzle and Activity book, which follows up on Clint’s highly popular One Hundred Deadly Skills series.  The new books focuses on exercising some of those brain muscles that may have atrophied a bit.  Clint worked with a professional puzzle maker (not easy to find these days) to produce the various exercises in the book which include old favorites like crossword but also entirely new original puzzles that were invented for the book.