Zero Trace shields you from remote exploitation. Simply put, stops hacking and tracking of your mobile devices. Invented to prevent foreign intel services from knowing my every move when operating in their country“. – Clint Emerson (Author of 100 Deadly Skills)

With the explosion of cellular and wireless technology, we are now more easily tracked and monitored. Everything from our phone conversations, web browsing data, social media and GPS location can be tapped and monitored when we are on our mobile devices or if they are simply just powered on. Both social media apps and your smart phone camera have the ability to time/date stamp the picture as well as stamp the location of where the picture was taken from. Hell, even when you post a comment on Facebook you’ll notice that the post has your location tag on it. All these apps that we use on a daily basis are tracking our location. Take a look at the following video to hear what Edward Snowden has to say about mobile phone tracking.

Even when you watch movies such as The Bourne Identity, you see Jason Bourne using burner phones and then ditching them after he is done in order to prevent the government from tracking him. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like stock piling burner phones so that my wireless voice and data communications remain secure.