The first time that Danielle Bizier joined us on the podcast was in July as someone who regularly read the site, but we’re proud to say that Danielle has now come on board as a full-time writer and has been kicking ass and taking names. Her experience working as a Counterintelligence Officer and Instructor with the DIA, and her educational background in East Asian Studies and Security Policy adds a unique perspective to the site. You guys, the readers, seem to be greatly enjoying her work.

On this episode we get into Danielle’s article on CIA Officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee arrested on charges of unlawful possession of classified information, as well as her piece on the upcoming Olympics in Korea, “Dear Leader’s Cheerleaders.” In domestic news, we also talk about the frightening false emergency text alert sent to the people of Hawaii. Danielle has also been a proud member of Crate Club for some time, and talks about some cool stuff she’s up to at Hurricane Media‘s gear review site, The Loadout Room. If you missed the livestream and have some questions for Danielle, she’ll be hosting the next upcoming Q&A for our Team Room members. As for those making it out this year, will indeed have a presence at SHOT Show in just a few days, so we’ll see ya there!