On this week’s special podcast SOFREP senior editor and SOFREP Radio host Steve Balestrieri is joined by SOFREP Managing Editor Sean Spoonts and they bring you a plethora of goodies.

July 4 is upon us. Steve and Sean recount memorable July 4 celebrations they’ve had around the world and how their British friends treat the day.

But we want to make this July 4 especially memorable for our veteran and active-duty friends. So, in celebration of July 4, SOFREP has partnered with Fox Nation bringing you one year of Fox Nation for free!

Fox Nation has a very strong patriotic programming that will appeal to anyone from the history buff to the wilderness enthusiast. Scroll to the end to find more information and sign up.

But there is more.

Join SOFREP between July 1 and September 30 and get the chance to win fantastic prizes including an iPhone 12 Pro, a Galaxy S21 Ultra, and two must-have everyday carry items, the Emerson Commander knife, and Surefire’s E2D Defender Ultra flashlight. You can find more information here and here.

Tune in to a celebratory episode of SOFREP Radio.