Following numerous estimations and reports by the United Nations, Ukrainian media, and Western news outlets, NATO has now estimated that around 40,000 Russian troops have either been killed, wounded, missing, taken as prisoners by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to a senior NATO official, who requested that he remain anonymous, around 7,000 to 15,000 of these troops have died on the battlefield following significant troubles and challenges the invading forces had encountered during the four-week-old war that started on February 24. It is unknown whether these numbers also include Chechen fighters and foreign mercenaries hired by Russia.

These estimations were reportedly collated from open-source data, the Ukrainian government, and information coming out of Russia. This is the first and only public estimate of Russian casualties by NATO. The Pentagon had previously refused to put a number of casualties from the Ukrainian and Russian sides as the information coming from the ground is questionable and difficult to verify. However, Western intelligence had put the number of casualties last week at 10,000 people as a reasonable estimate.

“I’m not going to characterize what the ranges are that we’re looking at because they’re just very broad, and we continue to have low confidence in those estimates because we’re not on the ground and can’t see you know what’s really going on on a day to day basis,” said an unnamed US official last week.