A recap on what has been going on in Asia-Pacific as of late.

North Korea and its ‘Missile Testing’ Tantrums

South Korea and its allied countries remain on high alert, especially recently after North Korea ramped up its missile live-firing tests. Since October began, Pyongyang has already launched four ballistic missiles, increasing its total firing to at least 30 this year alone. This is the most missile firing the communist country have done since 2017, with officials agreeing that this could be a forewarning of Pyongyang’s soon-to-resume nuclear testing after five years of pause.

Early Sunday, North Korea fired two ballistic missiles again, marking the seventh in the last two weeks. Japan’s state minister of defense told reports that the recent firing, which took place around 1:47 (16:47 GMT) for the first one and subsequently six minutes later for the second projectile, has reached an altitude of 60 miles and covered about 218 miles near Tokyo’s exclusive economic zone. While authorities have yet to determine the type of projectile Pyongyang fired, some speculate that it could be a submarine-launched ballistic missile.

Sunday NK Missile Testing
Japan’s NHK TV Channel has interrupted its signal to transmit a speech by Kim Jong-un related to the last missile launched by North Korea on Sunday. (Image source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the US military continued to coordinate closely with allies and partners surrounding the hostile country, including Tokyo and Seoul, emphasizing how to destabilize the impact should North Korea resume its nuclear arms and ballistic missile programs. However, despite the latest consecutive launches, it reassured that this does not threaten the US and its Asia-Pacific allies.