The AR-15 platform boasts a rich history, constantly evolving while retaining its core functionality. For enthusiasts who appreciate the classic lines and historical significance of the CAR15 platform, B5 Systems’ recent expansion of their Retro Line offers a compelling proposition.

This new range of parts, as announced earlier this month, seamlessly blends nostalgic aesthetics with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, catering to both historical reenactors and practical shooters seeking a unique “Modern KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid) build in two timeless colors: black and OD green.

A Step Back in Time: The CAR15 and its Legacy

The CAR15, standing for Colt Automatic Rifle, Model 15, emerged in the Vietnam War as a shorter, lighter variant of the M16 rifle.

Designed for close-quarters combat and jungle warfare, the CAR15 quickly gained popularity for its maneuverability and ease of use.

Its carbine-length barrel and fixed stock became synonymous with the era, and the rifle remains a coveted piece of firearms history for many collectors and enthusiasts.

CAR15 1985
A 5.56 mm Colt Commando assault rifle/submarine gun, April 1985. (Wikimedia Commons)

Modern Materials Meet Classic Lines: The B5 Systems Retro Line Breakdown

B5 Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade firearm accessories, has built a reputation for innovative and reliable products.

Their Retro Line stays true to this commitment, offering a meticulously crafted selection of parts that capture the essence of the CAR15 platform while incorporating modern advancements.

CAR15 Stock

This stock faithfully replicates the mil-spec design of the original, constructed from durable, lightweight polymers for exceptional strength and weight savings. The sharp checkering provides a positive grip in all conditions, while the fixed sling mounts maintain the classic carrying style of the era.