Last month, when SOFREP compiled the comprehensive list of the recently retrieved Soviet-era Russian weaponry, we knew an investigation on their tech was bound to happen. Today, we uncover how Russians have integrated low-tech chips and hardware into their most advanced systems.

Russians have been recognized to have a “top of the line arsenal,” and they usually boast of their “deadly” weapon systems. However, after investigators examined the electronics behind Russia’s newest cruise missiles, attack helicopters, and tanks, they found that they used decades-old tech (some of which were structured during World War II). Analysts also noted that some low-tech components include a unique but essential satellite navigation system.


The other components they checked out included the Ka-52 helicopter, cruise missiles, uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), and all communications and navigation equipment. The report has identified 144 non-Russian manufacturers “of more than 650 unique component models in Russian materiel used in the war on Ukraine,” the report wrote.