In the ever-turbulent sea of global politics, an incensed China has squarely targeted the United States for its recent military maneuvers, specifically the deployment of the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group (CSG) in the contentious South China Sea. This latest American military activity has sparked a flurry of verbal assaults from Chinese state media and maritime experts.

Subsequently, it ignited a debate over Carl Vinson’s patrol intentions, most seeing it as a symbol, a diplomatic dagger pointed at the heart of Beijing’s regional ambitions.

China’s Bold Claims of Superiority

The Global Times, a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, has become the platform for Chinese maritime analysts to voice their claims of military superiority in the Western Pacific.

According to these experts, American aircraft carriers like the USS Carl Vinson are highly vulnerable to China’s long-range missile capabilities, suggesting that Beijing holds the upper hand in anti-carrier warfare.