Amidst the persisting conflict in eastern Ukraine, a new chapter unfolds in the southern region along the banks of the Dnipro River.

Ukrainian Marines, seeking to broaden their tactical foothold, have extended their presence to the left bank of the river, where conditions, while slightly warmer, present their own set of challenges.

Russian Troops’ Challenges and Unconventional Tactics

Reports emerging from this theater of conflict suggest a growing desperation among Russian troops, grappling with a lack of relief and apparent struggles in resupply efforts.

In response to the relentless assault by Ukraine’s agile and adept first-person-view (FPV) drones, Russian forces in the southern front have resorted to a rather unorthodox approach—a makeshift rocket launcher affixed to an unarmored transport truck.

The crude adaptation witnessed in the form of this unarmored truck sporting an RBU-6000 (stands for Reaktivno-Bombovaja Ustanovka 6000) launcher has drawn attention, circulating across social media channels.

While this isn’t the first instance of Russians employing improvised RBU-6000 vehicles, this iteration stands out for its apparent shortcomings.