If you’re reading this, we’ll assume you’re already in month two of your training. You already know how things work, and you’ve started working on the basics for a while now. You’ve drilled the techniques a few times, and your body is beginning to get familiar with the movements.

Your coaches deemed you ready for your first sparring session. They see you can test your techniques in real time with an opponent. 

You, on the other hand, are anxious. Self-doubt crept at the moment you found out. You’re having a bad case of impostor syndrome. And that’s OK. 

Yes, you read that right. It’s normal for anyone going through the first sparring session to feel jitters. You’re jumping into unfamiliar waters, and there’s a chance (while very little if you’re in a good gym) for you to get hurt. 

Do you feel like you need more time to be ready? Read this article, and hopefully, you’ll find clarity and inspiration. It’s all about the unwritten rules and proper etiquette to get you through your first sparring session. 

Leave Your Ego In Your Closet

‘Leave your ego at the door’ is another phrase on gym walls and doors. But everyone should take it a step further. Leave your ego in your bedroom closet. It should never have a place outside those four walls’ confines.

Try watching another beginner sparring session the next time you’re in the gym. Observe how they move. There will be a noticeable lack of finesse and fluidity, but massive egos will be the other glaring thing you’ll notice.