We’d assume you love a cold beer if you’re reading this. It’s the perfect companion after a hard day at work while watching the sunset by the lake during a fishing trip and for your upcoming Fourth of July BBQ

But how exactly do you know what your favorite brew might be? Are you familiar with the different beer types? More importantly, how well do they pair with different kinds of food? Given your number of choices, each should go perfectly with a specific dish. 

You don’t need to be a connoisseur to enjoy a glass of your preferred beer brand. But it pays to know what you’re drinking and how they match your favorite delicacy. That’s what this short article will be all about. 

The Different Beer Types Simplified

A quick Google search on different beer types will lead you to a long list you probably didn’t know existed. You’ll likely see familiar names and others that don’t ring a bell. 

But there are two main beer types: Ales and Lagers. Underneath these primary classifications are the different types you’ve likely come across. But let’s see how these two separate from each other. 


That fruity-flavored beer you had last night at the bar is likely an ale. Numerous craft beer choices fall under this category, such as brown ale, pale ale, and the famous IPA (otherwise known as India Pale Ale).