Everyone loves the idea of traveling, but only a few people are too keen on complying with all of the flight protocols. Many people, in turn, go through a hassle-filled flight and a forgettable travel experience, and it’s all because of their doing.

Don’t be that person. Save yourself from these avoidable headaches and the potential embarrassment of being put on the spot in front of your fellow passengers. 

To help guide the flying public on these straightforward rules, we spoke to Kazandra Icalina, a seasoned flight attendant for Philippine Airlines, who provided these helpful tips. 

Consider Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law states that ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong.’ Your flight gets canceled, ultimately affecting your connecting flight to your final destination if you have one.

Your luggage gets lost along the way. The airline refuses to give you hotel accommodations, so you’re stuck in the airport for you don’t know how long with just the clothes on your back. Think of it like how everything drops thanks to gravity. All of a sudden, you’re in for the worst travel experience of your life.

Traveling entails unexpected difficulties. Kaz advises allotting at least twice the amount of time.

“One of the most common complaints of passengers is that they lack time – to reach their connecting flights or to make it in time for certain events,” she told SOFREP. “While it is understandable that travel itineraries are made around certain timelines, always make it a point to leave a lot, and I mean A LOT of time for disruptions.