The devastating conflict between Hamas militants and Israel has captured the world’s attention, but concerns are growing that this intense focus may have consequences far beyond the Middle East.

Specifically, the worry is that international support for Ukraine, which has been grappling with its own challenges, might dwindle in the face of the escalating crisis in the Holy Land.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has expressed these concerns, questioning whether assistance to his country will lessen as the world’s gaze remains fixed on the events unfolding in Israel and Gaza.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian President has continued to express support for Israel in the wake of the multi-pronged Hamas attack launched last week.

The assault, which has left thousands of people dead, sparked widespread international condemnation and rapid condemnation by the United States. Washington was quick to send an aircraft carrier and other warships to the eastern Mediterranean and promised munitions and other equipment to Israel. This swift response underscores America’s commitment to Israel’s security.

However, President Zelensky’s concerns about international support for Ukraine are not unfounded. Beyond the immediate crisis in Israel, there have been recent challenges to Ukraine’s access to aid, including opposition from hardline Republican lawmakers in the United States, which led to Congress dropping new funding for Ukraine from a recent bill.

The US Stance

In a recent visit to Brussels for a meeting of Ukraine’s international supporters, President Zelensky raised the pressing question: Will international attention shift away from Ukraine, and what will be the consequences if it does?