Amidst surging global demand driven by the Ukraine conflict, Israel fortifies its military might with a massive $60 million artillery shell procurement, ensuring preparedness for future challenges.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has recently made a significant move to enhance its military capabilities by procuring tens of thousands of 155-millimeter artillery shells from Elbit Systems, one of the country’s leading defense giants.

Valued at over $60 million, this acquisition comes as a response to the high global demand for ammunition caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“The expansion and the upgrade of our production infrastructure enables the provision of rapid production of a range of high quality solutions to the Israel Ministry of Defense,” Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land, said in a press release statement.

With the escalating conflict affecting stockpiles worldwide, Israel seeks to ensure its readiness for diverse combat scenarios. This article delves into the implications of Israel’s artillery shell procurement, the global demand driven by the situation in Ukraine, and the measures other nations, such as the United States, take to cope with the rising need for munitions.

Israeli Defense Force’s Preparedness

The procurement of tens of thousands of 155-millimeter artillery shells is a crucial step in bolstering the readiness of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

According to Zeev Landau, a defense ministry procurement official, the artillery shell production line has been a vital aspect of Israel’s defense strategy for many years, and this significant investment further reinforces its commitment to national security.

“The artillery shell production line is essential, and the Ministry of Defense has made substantial investments in it for many years,” Landau said, cited by Breaking Defense.

The acquisition is expected to improve the IDF’s capabilities to respond effectively to a range of combat scenarios, providing them with the necessary ammunition to defend their borders and protect their citizens.

Global Demand Due to the War in Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine, following Russia’s invasion on February 24, has created a surge in demand for artillery shells globally.

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has reportedly been firing thousands of shells per day as they face the challenges of defending their country against Moscow’s aggression. In response to Ukraine’s urgent needs, the United States, a key ally, has stepped up its support by increasing ammunition donations.

Washington even removed 300,000 155mm shells from Israeli stocks, which are owned by the U.S. but stored in Jerusalem for emergency access by the IDF.

Impact on Global Stockpiles

The relentless consumption of artillery shells by Ukraine has taken a toll on global stockpiles. The situation has forced countries like the U.S. to reassess their munitions reserves and ramp up production to cope with the heightened demand.

In January, the U.S. Department of Defense announced a 500 percent increase in the production of artillery shells to replenish its stockpiles, as The New York Times reported.

Before this increase, the U.S. produced 14,000 unguided shells per month, which was deemed sufficient for its military needs. However, the influx of military aid provided by the Biden administration to Ukraine has necessitated a massive increase in production to support its European ally adequately.

U.S. Response to Global Demand

The U.S. has been at the forefront of providing support to Ukraine amidst the conflict with Russia. The significant increase in the production of artillery shells reflects the country’s commitment to helping its allies and addressing the escalating demand.

The U.S. Army’s top acquisition official has announced that the service will now produce 90,000 or more shells per month to ensure a steady supply for its European ally and to augment its own reserves for potential future conflicts.

Israel’s Preparations and Regional Dynamics

Israel’s decision to procure tens of thousands of artillery shells underscores its understanding of the complex and rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape in the region.

As tensions and uncertainties continue to persist, the country is taking proactive measures to strengthen its military capabilities and preparedness. This move is not only a response to the ongoing war in Ukraine but also a reflection of Israel’s commitment to safeguard its sovereignty and security in an ever-changing global context.


In conclusion, the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s acquisition of tens of thousands of 155-millimeter artillery shells from Elbit Systems significantly enhances the country’s military capabilities and readiness. As global demand for munitions increases due to the war in Ukraine, countries like the U.S. have also responded by ramping up production to replenish their stockpiles and support their allies.

Israel’s strategic move showcases its commitment to preparing for diverse combat scenarios and safeguarding national security amidst an uncertain geopolitical landscape. As the delivery of the new artillery shells is expected in 2024, the country continues to take proactive measures to ensure it remains prepared for any potential future conflicts.