Turns out the US Army wants to produce much more ammo, fast.

In order to meet a soaring demand for artillery shells from allies fighting Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine, the United States Army wants to nearly triple production in the coming years.

According to Doug Bush, the Army’s assistant secretary for acquisition, technology, and logistics, congress has already approved $600 million in industrial investments for Ukraine, in addition to the more than $600 million in emergency spending. The annual defense policy bill is still under discussion and includes multiyear contracts.

Contracts are reportedly already in place to triple 155mm production. Meanwhile, Bush said that additional funding on the Hill, if provided, would increase output twice as much. However, that would take years to accomplish.

“We want to be able to build our stocks not just where we started the war, but higher. We’re posturing for a pretty ― over a period of three years ― a dramatic increase in conventional artillery ammunition production.”

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said that by the spring, the US will produce 14,000 155mm shells per month, and by 2025, 40,000 shells per month.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, American Ordnance, and IMT Defense have recently been awarded contracts to produce and deliver 155mm artillery.

Pentagon officials see the war in Ukraine continuing indefinitely, draining US and allied stocks further, as the US has supplied Ukraine with more than 1 million artillery rounds. However, it’s unclear what the Ukrainian military’s mid- and long-term needs will be, and the US Army wants to be ready.