As dawn’s early light gave way to the clear skies of Wednesday morning on February 21st, an Israeli airstrike abruptly shattered the peace of a residential neighborhood in Damascus around 9:40 AM local time (0630 GMT).

This wasn’t the distant thunder of a storm on the horizon but the all-too-close roar of jet engines heralding destruction from above.

The Kafr Sousa area, usually bustling with the day’s beginnings, became the tragic stage for the latest episode in an escalating campaign of air assaults.

This strike didn’t discriminate between the battlefield and the home front; it bore down upon the daily lives of civilians, leaving at least two dead in its wake, according to Syrian state media.

The seeming target, a nine-story residential building, bore the physical scars of this aggression, with its fourth floor particularly ravaged, a testament to the attack’s fury.

Witnesses to the Aftermath: The Scene at Kafr Sousa

An AFP lensman, bearing witness to the aftermath, captured the visage of a nine-story edifice scarred and blackened, its fourth floor bearing the brunt of wrath from above.

Firefighters, those unsung warriors against calamity, battled the blaze that the missiles birthed, a pyre for the unnamed.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights tallied the night’s toll: a Syrian civilian and two foreign nationals, their lives extinguished in the blast.