Russia’s war in Ukraine has prompted one of the world’s largest cooperation efforts in recent history. The West donated a lot of financial and military aid to help Ukraine with its defensive efforts against Russia. Just recently, Lithuanian citizens have come together and donated whatever money they could to help buy Ukraine a Bayraktar TB2 drone, a UAV that has been instrumental in their war against Russia.

Lithuanian online broadcaster Laisves TV organized the fundraiser in what is one of the more unusual aid efforts to help Ukraine. Nonetheless, the citizens of Lithuania managed to raise $5.4 million (€5 million) from small donations in their country, with Lithuanians chipping in between 10 to 500 Euros to help the war effort. As a result, they had $3.2 million in just three days, raising the full amount needed to purchase the drone a few days later.

Laisves TV founder and journalist Andrius Tapinas stated that Lithuanians would not just stand and watch how Europe had been unwilling to help Ukraine gain weapons. Tapinas is probably referring to countries such as Germany, which still has reservations about sending Ukraine heavy offensive weapons, being lukewarm to sending munitions to Ukraine despite recently agreeing to send German Gepard tanks to the war-torn country.

“Before this war started, none of us thought that we would be buying guns. But it’s a normal thing now. Something must be done for the world to get better,” Agne Belickaite said. She is one of the Lithuanians who immediately donated, contributing 100 euros when the drive was launched last Wednesday.

“I’ve been donating to buy guns for Ukraine for a while now. And will do so until the victory,” she added. This motivation to donate weapons to Ukraine is fueled not just because Russia could potentially attack Lithuania but also because Ukraine and Lithuania have a shared history together. Both countries used to be a part of the Soviet Union before splitting from the USSR in 1990, the first Soviet state to do so.