Lockheed Martin, a global leader in defense technology, recently announced a successful milestone in the development of an innovative Electronic Warfare (EW) system tailored for helicopters.

The company revealed the successful testing of its Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare system (AOEW) in collaboration with the United States Navy at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland.

Trials and Efficacy of the AOEW System

The trials showcased the system’s capabilities in detecting and countering anti-ship missiles, marking a significant advancement in the realm of electronic warfare technology.

The tests, conducted in conjunction with the US Navy, focused on evaluating the efficacy of the AOEW system while mounted on a Sikorsky MH-60R helicopter, a vehicle primarily deployed for anti-submarine warfare.

Lockheed Martin confirmed that the EW pod demonstrated remarkable proficiency in neutralizing threats during the trials held on Tuesday, December 12.

Deon Viergutz, the vice president of spectrum convergence at Lockheed, underscored the system’s significance, emphasizing its status as one of the most sophisticated and intricate electronic warfare systems ever developed.

“The AOEW system is one of the most advanced, complex electronic warfare systems ever developed,” said Viergutz in a press statement.

He also went on to express confidence in the AOEW’s potential as a force multiplier, empowering naval forces to assert dominance and exercise control over the battlespace without engaging in direct combat.