Admit it or not, you likely need anger management. If someone cuts you off in traffic, what’s your first instinct? Would you let it slide, or will you go into a full-blown rage from zero to 100? Bet the house; there’s a bigger chance you go for the latter without thinking about it. 

This bird is pissed.

We all have moments of displaced rage, and it’ll take a lot of digging with the help of a professional to get to the roots. What we can do, however, is manage that ire towards the world and prevent it from bleeding into our daily lives. 

Suppose you’re handling your annoyances well; kudos to you. Consider yourself a modern-day stoic. But for the rest of us still finding our footing, this article should serve as a guide to better anger management. 

Your Guide to Nailing Anger Management

The tips you’re about to read are common sense. They go without saying. But if we’re honest with ourselves, we would likely fail at practicing them when the moment arises. So, consider this a much-needed reminder. 

Practice Mindfulness

No, mindfulness isn’t just the new-age mumbo-jumbo that kids today use. It’s about bringing yourself to the present moment, once and for all. And in this case, it’s having the awareness when the rage inside of you begins to rear its ugly head. 

So how does a newbie begin a mindfulness practice? Journaling would be a good start. Get yourself a cheap notebook from Amazon and express your anger on paper. 

When you start writing, use ‘I’ statements, like ‘I am enraged by this airline’s rude customer service practices.’ This way, you identify the source of your anger instead of spewing it all over the place. 


Whether it’s getting stuck in the forest or finding yourself on the brink of blowing up because the restaurant served ranch dressing with your Buffalo wings, breathing helps clear the fog of rage. Think of it like you’re adding some coolant to an overheated engine.