The war in Ukraine has been dragging on for about four months now, and coverage has seemingly focused on the heavier weapons that have been sent into Ukraine, whether that be Western-supplied tanks and armored fighting vehicles, artillery, or even the contested proposals of sending MiG-29s to Ukraine. Today, we focus on a unique and rare small firearm that has been spotted in use by the Ukrainian forces against the Russians – the Belgian FN F2000 bullpup rifle.

Various photos of the small arm being used in Ukraine have surfaced online, notably from the Ukraine Weapons Tracker Twitter account and the TPYXA English Twitter accounts. The first photo shows a Ukrainian soldier with his back up against a slope on grassy and woody terrain. Other than that, the photo does not really provide any context regarding their location or what they’re doing, apart from the fact that they are in use. Other photographs of the weapon are seen with the Ukrainian forces posing for a photo behind an ordinary pickup truck.