Recent geopolitical shifts see North Korea sending artillery to Russia while the US supplies seized Iranian ammunition to Ukraine.

North Korea has recently begun shipping artillery to Russia, further bolstering Vladimir Putin’s forces during their ongoing 20-month campaign in Ukraine.

A high-ranking US official told CBS News last week that the specifics of this concerning transfer, whether it signals a long-term supply arrangement or a more limited consignment, remain unclear.

Equally mysterious is what North Korea stands to gain in return for this exchange of weaponry.

The United States, on the other end of the spectrum, has delivered a cache of seized ammunition from Iran to Ukrainian forces, as confirmed by the US Department of Justice. This stockpile encompasses over a million 7.62mm rounds, compatible with both machine guns and rifles.

Kim-Putin Summit: North Korea’s Pledge and the Geopolitical Implications

The origin of North Korea’s backing for Moscow can be traced back to an unusual summit held last month in the Russian capital.

During this historic meeting, Kim Jong Un personally met with Putin, pledging North Korea’s “full and unconditional support” for Russia’s efforts to safeguard its security interests, referencing the ongoing Ukraine conflict.