A report details a long-running, covert CIA program utilizing Special Forces soldiers for global operations beyond traditional war zones.

The Rise of “Proxy Wars” and the Need for Discretion

In the 1980s, the ugly little proxy wars in Central America between the Soviet Union and the United States were in full swing.

With the CIA having lost some of its toys due to the Church Committee hearings, amongst other disclosures, and America reluctant to deploy military forces en mass after the Vietnam War, creative solutions had to be found in order to prevent communist regimes from sprouting up in America’s back yard.

The answer was to take active-duty Special Forces soldiers and place them in the Central Intelligence Agency’s financial roles, deploying them as notional para-military contractors.

One such individual was WO2 James West, an active-duty Warrant Officer in the 7th Special Forces Group.

While the White House had limited the number of actual soldiers who were allowed to deploy to Honduras, this did not apply to “CIA personnel” like West and his teammates.

This also provided the White House with plausible deniability, allowing the President to go on television and say that we did not have troops in countries X, Y, and Z.

It is a game as old as time.