Imagine a game of cat and mouse, where the mouse isn’t just elusive; it’s practically invisible. It’s there, leaving traces, causing ripples, but rarely ever seen. 

That’s what money laundering is. A silent, stealthy process that transforms illegal dough into what seems like hard-earned cash.

When dealing with money laundering, it’s not like chasing an armed thug down a dark alley. Think of it like wrestling with a ghost. It’s there, but you can’t quite get your hands on it. It’s a network of shadowy figures, hushed whispers of backroom deals, and coded messages.

Source: Unsplash

The money, dirtied by crime, slips into the system smoothly as a seasoned con artist. It flows through veins of commerce, hides in the everyday hustle and bustle, and pops out on the other end, clean as a whistle.