Amid the Russian troop movement going toward the Donbas region in what is looking like a large-scale assault on the Donbas region, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the peace talks with Ukraine were at a “dead end.” Putin accused Ukraine of not holding up its terms agreed upon in peace talks conducted in Istanbul.

In his first appearance in public after his troops retreated from Kyiv Oblast and the majority of Northern Ukraine, he vowed to continue the war and win — achieving all of their goals in Ukraine to “denazify” the country.

He accused Ukraine of derailing the progress made during the previous peace talks. Kyiv claimed Russia had committed war crimes, specifically those committed in Bucha, where an overwhelming number of civilian casualties were discovered in the city. He went on to demand security guarantees to cover the entirety of Ukraine.

“We reached a certain level of agreements in Istanbul, which stated that security guarantees for Ukraine . . . would not spread to Crimea, Sevastopol, and Donbas,” Putin revealed. “We acted to create conditions to continue talks… Instead, we faced the provocation in Bucha, and, what’s most important, the Ukrainian side deviated from the Istanbul agreements,” he added.