A congressman involved with military innovation this week said the US must prove to Beijing that it can stop China if President Xi Jinping were to risk an invasion across the Taiwan Strait in an attempt to bring Taiwan under Chinese control.

If China invades Taiwan, the United States must realize that it cannot rely on the Taiwanese people to be the only fighters, as they were in Ukraine, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) and co-chair of the congressional Future Defense Task Force said Tuesday at the Hudson Institute. Instead, American troops would need to be ready and committed.

Moulton said that Taiwan should have the required weapons, systems, and trained forces to delay the invasion long enough for the United States to overcome a blockade and come to its aid. In Ukraine, on the other hand, assistance is being provided across land, rail, and highway.

Moulton added that the late reactive approach worked for Ukraine, but it is not an option for Taiwan.